A new deck may be the addition you need to increase your functional outdoor space.  For the last 2 decades, Genesis Stoneworks has added deck installation to our many service offerings to enhance your outdoor living experience.  Whether traditional wood or composite decking, a new deck can be used as an outdoor living room or kitchen space.  This highly versatile area can provide a great space for relaxing with your family or entertaining guests.  The perfect solution for uneven terrain, decks can be placed anywhere in your yard, ground level, or elevated.  Decks offer a safe level surface while increasing your usable space.  The adaptability of a raised deck allows for more choices in terms of location and shape and can give you access to great views.  Depending on your material of choice decks are relatively low-maintenance and environmentally friendly.  A well-built deck will not only be durable but will also increase your property value.  Call Genesis today to get started on the addition of your new outdoor space.
~Service not available in all areas~