Suzan K  July 7, 2023

I recently had the pleasure of working with Daniel and his team from Genesisworks on a challenging project involving the replacement of our concrete parking lot with pavers. As part of a larger repair endeavor for our 36-unit condo building, this was no small task. From the very beginning, Daniel proved to be a reliable and knowledgeable professional, guiding us through every step of the process. During our search for a paver company, the board of directors met with several candidates, and it was a unanimous decision to choose Genesisworks for this substantial undertaking. Daniel and his installation team worked together seamlessly, displaying a level of coordination and efficiency that was truly impressive. The installation process was like watching a well-oiled machine in action. One team member unloaded groups of pavers, passing them down the line to the next person, who then assembled them. Meanwhile, a machine was used to smooth and compact the pavers, creating a flawless finish. It was evident that this team had honed their skills over many years, demonstrating their expertise and professionalism. One aspect that stood out to us was Daniel’s patience and understanding when it came to installing the parking lot lines. He allowed us ample time to verify the specifics before proceeding, even when his crew was ready to begin the work onsite. This level of attentiveness ensured that we were satisfied with the details, and it greatly contributed to the overall success of the project. When unexpected issues arose, such as a stair step that no longer met code due to changes in elevation, Daniel swiftly presented a solution to the board. His proposed solution was approved and implemented, resolving the issue perfectly. It was evident that Daniel’s problem-solving skills were as commendable as his paving expertise. In terms of timing and budget, Daniel exceeded our expectations. He started the project on time and well within budget. Incredibly he finished ahead of schedule which was a welcome bonus for our condo association. Overall, working with Daniel and the Genesisworks team was a joy during what could have been a highly stressful endeavor. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to quality workmanship were evident at every stage of the project. If you’re looking for a paving company that delivers exceptional results, I wholeheartedly recommend Genesisworks and Daniel for their outstanding service.

Bruce B. April 24, 2023
Genesis just re-faced the front wall in my front yard with natural stone and replaced a well-worn wooden fence on the side of my house with a slump stone wall. In both cases the final outcome was better than I could have imagined. I am very happy with the final outcome in both cases, not to mention the very conscientious and professional efforts of Daniel, who was always pleasant, responsive, and extremely helpful in assisting me with making choices to ensure the very best outcome. The entire Genesis crew was also very professional, arriving punctually each day and always demonstrating significant pride in their craftmanship. I could not be any happier and would definitely use Genesis again, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing stone work!

David L. December 30, 2022
This review is long overdue, as we had Genesis do our work a few months ago. With water restrictions and such, we decided to redo our front yard. That would ultimately entail removing existing hardscape (3 car driveway and walkways on both sides) and install pavers instead. Existing grass would also be removed. Our goal was to reduce our grass footprint and add some additional masonry features to cut down or change our watering areas. Along with replacing concrete and flagstone (with pavers), we also knew that we would have to have our front yard drains redone, as root intrusion had caused issues in existing drains. That’s the snapshot of what we wanted. We called Genesis, set up an appointment for an estimate, and we ultimately were met by Daniel Gradin. In all of our contacts with him prior to meeting, he was prompt, courteous, and professional. Daniel came to our home, listened to our ideas, and he offered up some very nice design ideas. In our first meeting, we actually came up with a plan that we were happy with, but we expected that Daniel would leave and then give us numbers down the road. That wasn’t the case. Daniel spent a LONG time at our home, did a scale drawing, and gave us an estimate the same day we met with him. I was impressed. With Daniel’s ideas, professionalism, and how he worked with us, we went with Genesis without worrying about getting other estimates. We’d seen other reviews on how their pricing sits, but price (at the end of the day) wasn’t the sole determining factor for us. Perhaps you’ve been there, but after sitting with Daniel for a couple of hours, we were pretty satisfied that we wanted to use Genesis. As a side note, we did have another company’s estimator come out a few day’s before Genesis did, but that rep never produced an estimate for us. After meeting with Daniel, we weren’t going to chase that guy down. So, the contract was signed, we were put on the schedule, and we waited a couple short weeks before the work was started. Communication about the start for our project was outstanding, and we knew where we stood and when work would begin. I’m not going to go into every single “issue” (wrong word) as it relates to our job. We made some changes, some additional work was needed (tree roots), but everything was above board with this company. Once they started on things, they were efficient and professional. In the interest of saving space and sparing details, all I will say is this. At the end of the day, we are totally happy with the paver work that Genesis did for us. I don’t know if we are done with remodeling in our back yard, but should pavers become part of that equation, we’ll be contacting Genesis again.

Monique W. May 21, 2022
We used this company to remodel our front and back yard with pavers and we could not be happier with their work. Jeff is a great guy, super mellow and good at what he does. He was able to understand exactly what I was looking for, draw it out, and discuss pricing/ make adjustments for cost as needed. I truly appreciated that approach compared to the salesman approach of many of the other GC or paver companies I dealt with. I never felt pressured into anything at any step of the way. Fernando and his crew were the ones who did the actual install and I really enjoyed working with him too. This man really knows his craft and I loved being able to bounce ideas off of him. I really liked his laid back approach to things as well. Making sure that I was aware of the issues with some of my proposed ideas and recommending alternatives. Again, these recommendations were not a sale or attached to a higher price tag. In fact, many of his ideas or adjustments to the plans were cost saving measures which I appreciate. I would highly recommend Jeff and Fernando’s team for any of your remodeling needs

Carrie N. May 11, 2022
The excellent business experience began with Vinnie, designer and our contact person. He responds to all questions and concerns promptly and completely, and is a genuinely nice person. At no time did we feel pressured; on the contrary, he was interested in helping us complete our vision of the project. The price was less than other bidders, but that is not the reason we decided on Genesis. Vinnie’s professionalism and expertise were reassuring, and we sensed we would have a great job, well done. That is exactly what we received. We were blown away with the quality of the work, and the quality of the crew. The craftspeople who worked on our project were friendly, happy and incredibly skilled. We are beyond satisfied, and recommend Genesis and Vinnie without reservations.

Michael A. November 18, 2021
The excellent business experience began with Vinnie, designer and our contact person. He responds to all questions and concerns promptly and completely, and is a genuinely nice person. At no time did we feel pressured; on the contrary, he was interested in helping us complete our vision of the project. The price was less than other bidders, but that is not the reason we decided on Genesis. Vinnie’s professionalism and expertise were reassuring, and we sensed we would have a great job, well done. That is exactly what we received. We were blown away with the quality of the work, and the quality of the crew. The craftspeople who worked on our project were friendly, happy and incredibly skilled. We are beyond satisfied, and recommend Genesis and Vinnie without reservations.

L.B. October 30, 2021 
The workers REAlly know their craft. They are real professionals. They make what I thought was a difficult area to improve they made beautiful. They are absolutely to be commended and they always make it right.

Lisa F. October 1, 2021
Gary came out and talked for a while about different options for our small yard. He provided great ideas and even ways we could save money (imagine that from a contractor!) In his quote he provide various options to look at for our design (colors/styles). The quote he provide was half the price I got from Systems Pavers for a lot more work!! Definitely trust Gary and Genesis Stoneworks.

Julie G. July 22, 2021
We had several bids for installing interlocking pavers to replace cracked concrete at our home. Daniel Gradin, a designer with the company, estimated the job and did detailed drawings with measurements to insure we were happy with the plan and kept in touch during the project. He helped us design and implement a very complicated pool deck with coping, as well as side patios and a front driveway that wraps around a fountain. They also built us a large shade structure on the site. It was a pleasure to work with Stoneworks (Rubin too) and their sub contractors who followed through efficiently and kindly, and did a beautiful job. High marks!

Ernie E.  Decemeber 5, 2020
I highly recommend Genesis Stoneworks.   Great company to use.   They did my backyard and front driveway in 4 days. I was in shock how fast they were.  Super, super great company. 

Jeffrey L. November 4, 2020
So pleased with the folks at Genesis. The quote was reasonable to have my driveway installed with pavers. There was no pressure for upselling additional products. The crew was professional and extremely adept. The job looks beautiful and I couldn’t be happier.

Christina H.  Sept 7, 2020
We are so happy with our new driveway. Everything from the free consultation to the estimate and especially the work team on the day of was just great! I couldn’t believe how efficient the team of 5 (and sometimes 6) was on our driveway and they worked so hard all day and transformed our cracked driveway to something beautiful. If you can get them to work for you when you are working at home, it is amazing to watch. Any unexpected problems that came up the day of were discussed and dealt with quickly. I wish all home repairs could be this easy.

Abhijit K.  July 29, 2020
This review is long overdue. Roger and his crew renovated our backyard well over a year ago, and the quick review is that they did an outstanding, 5 star job. It has held up brilliantly and looks just as good now as it did then. Our backyard required many facets including: demolishing existing patio, adding pavers, a small wall, artificial turf, adding electric lines/outlets, relocating a spa, repairing fenceposts, and adding drip irrigation to our beds. The great thing about this group is that they do all the work under one invoice with their own guys….no subcontractors, all with a very competitive price. Roger even helped us finalize the design by making some very good suggestions. The job took a whole week, but you could tell they were very efficient, and were willing to make small changes on the fly with no bickering or changing price. It was a real pleasure to work with them. We had a small problem with one of the electric lines, but even then they responded quickly and fixed the problem… no hassle,no argument. I truly value those who stand by their work. Our next project will be the front yard, and Genesis will be the first people I call. I have no hesitation in recommending them!

Chris B. July 2, 2020
We hired Genesis Stoneworks to install a 10’x 30′ patio. Removal of landscaping and replacement. I have watched many projects and lots of crews work. Never have I seen such an efficient team. They work together, followed through on the complete tasks. The job was amazing and finished 2 days ahead of schedule. Don’t hire anyone else. They were the best quote for what they delivered. I will recommend them to everyone I know. The quality of the pavers are incredible. What else can I say.

Bunny V. May 20, 2020
After a few years of dealing with an old, ugly walkway, my husband and I finally decided to have it replaced. We called various companies that specialize in walkways. Some of them never answered and one company called back 2 weeks later! Genesis Stoneworks answered our call, immediately, and answered our questions. They sent Dan Gradin to give us a bid. What a professional Dan was. He actually LISTENED to our needs and concerns and took care of us. We couldn’t be happier. Every morning, when we walk our dogs, we start with a smile as a result of our beautiful walkway. The dogs love it, too.

Carmen R. March 11, 2020
We were extremely impressed with the excellent quality of the work done on our driveway/walkway by Genesis. Our project manager Daniel came to our house and walked us through every step of the process to help us create a street appeal to our front walkway and driveway. He is knowledgably in designs and installation. Enrique, the head crew leader, and his crew were polite and are experienced craftsmen. When it came for the walk-through, Ruben made sure the work met our satisfaction. Overall, the results were more than we could have ever imagined. We are incredibly grateful to the entire Genesis team for making our front walkway and driveway a source of pride and as we continue to get compliments on the work.
Allie C.  November 5, 2019
Love my new backyard! Such an amazing experience working with Genesis Stoneworks. Daniel is the best, he was so helpful throughout the whole process. Most importantly we love the end results.

Roger C. August 12, 2019

Genesis did a challenging job for us around our pool/spa. The concrete deck needed to be removed and new and better yard drainage installed under it. One end of the old deck was slumping downslope, and Genesis was the only bidder that had a way to fix that. All of the paver choices we saw from others were unattractive, but Genesis found a new and very attractive line of products in Arizona. Their design ideas were very good and enhanced the finished result. The crew was very meticulous about getting the new surface and subsurface drainage just right and sorted out the electrical and spa leak problems that emerged. The final result was fairly priced and exceeded our expectations for appearance and function. I highly recommend Genesis.

Art G. March 29, 2019
Entire job was completed in less than 2 days, with rain. Crew was as focused as any I have seen or worked with. Each worker knew the entire process, which meant when something needed to be done or addressed, any one of the crew would jump in and get the job done. Kevin, the company rep, is honest, friendly and professional. I can honestly say, I’ve never seen a harder, more dedicated work force.

Larry L. May 17, 2018
The crew was professional and courteous.  Scott was wonderful to work with.  They did an outstanding job and we are very pleased with the results.  Job was completed on time.  

Maria A. September 13, 2017
I was very happy with the work and the owner, Roger, gave me an excellent bid. The guys worked hard and had the job done in 2 days! It turned out more spectacular than I could have imagined. I have recommended them to several people and hope they get their job done with Genesis! I have not seen a driveway anywhere in Simi as beautiful as this one except in the brochure! Thank you again for the great job!!

Mary B. September 13, 2017
Working with Scott was a real pleasure. His professionalism is without question. We are very pleased with his work.

Jennifer P. January 1, 2017 
“Recently hired Genesis to replace my long driveway. This project was a big investment and I am very pleased with the work done by Genesis. The crew that showed up every day was amazing. As is to be expected with a project of this size, there were a few hiccups along the way. But the crew and the job manager handled everything very professionally. They came up with solutions to unexpected problems and worked hard to make sure I was completely satisfied with the end result. I LOVE my new driveway and would absolutely recommend Genesis Stoneworks to my neighbors and friends.”

Robin C. October 19, 2016
“I had Genesis out to my home this week to install pavers in my driveway, walkway and planters. They were recommended to me by a friend of mine. I can’t say enough about the gentlemen that were at my home. They were extremely hard working and considerate. They’re only concern was to make me happy with the work they were doing. The construction started on the date I requested and finished on the date they told me. Thanks to Chad for working with me and my schedule and for his help with the overall process. Chad and the rest of the crew were very easy to work with, I’d highly recommend Genesis for pavers.”

David A. October 7, 2016
“We contracted with Genesis Stoneworks to remove all of our existing concrete, grass and most of our flowerbeds and replace with pavers and artificial turf. We obtained 3 quotes including Genesis’ and Genesis was definitely the best price and value. Their sales guy, Chad, arrived to give us the quote, he was prompt, very knowledgeable, respectful and friendly. He took his time to understand our vision and guided us appropriately to pick the best solution.The team arrived at the agreed upon date and time. Fernando, their Construction Manager, was on-site every morning to assure the project was running smoothly. Fernando was also very knowledgeable, professional and easy to approach. He gave us excellent advice and always assured the team was doing the right thing. Fernando is a perfectionist and we appreciated his advice and attention to detail.

The team was primarily 4 guys. They did everything from demolition to installing pavers, turf, drains and sprinkler pipe. Jose was designated as our “go-to” guy on site. He was amazing. Always willing to answer questions and checked in with us to assure things were being installed as agreed upon. Checking with us on the placement of drains, that sprinklers for drip systems were placed appropriately as well as design nuances were to our liking. He was friendly, helpful, courteous and kind. Great guy!

Gerardo was one of the workers – a really hard worker. Great attitude and always smiling. In fact, all the team members worked hard to assure we were happy and the job was to our liking.

We were amazed at how fast the demolition went. The team arrived promptly around 7:30 each morning, ready to work and work they did. The project was completed on time with no delays. They were organized, always had the needed materials/equipment available and cleaned up and organized their tools and materials each evening.

The team also was most willing to help us move patio furniture, flower pots, etc. at the beginning and end of the project. At the end, Jose and Gerardo help us get everything back in place. The was a very nice bonus.
We gave the fellows access to our bathroom inside our home. They were very respectful and always left it clean, the way they found it.

Chad stayed in touch and came by to check on progress. He is a genuinely nice guy who is SO knowledgeable. He gave us excellent advise and guided us in the design and we’re very grateful he did as the end product exceeded our expectations. By the way, Chad said at the beginning, when we signed the contract, that the job would take 2 1/2 weeks and it took EXACTLY 2 1/2 weeks. This almost never happens in construction. We cant say enough about their performance and quality.

We HIGHLY recommend Genesis Stoneworks!!!”

Tina L. June 29, 2016
“I used Genesis for my backyard hardscape project, which included a fire pit, lighting and drip system for planters. Chad was prompt providing me an estimate and checked in frequently while I got other bids to make sure I knew he wanted my business (without high pressure sales tactics). The work went exactly as promised and looks great. Chad, Fernando, Salvatore and crew could not have been more pleasant and professional. I am very happy and would use Genesis again.”

Keri & Howard December 21, 2012
“Just wanted you and your crew to know we are very pleased with the work you guys did to beautify our yard.
In particular, Julio and Misael are brilliant artists and we are thrilled with the color and pattern you helped us choose.
We hope to do business with you again when we can address our back yard.Thank you for making this a great experience for us. We will recommend you highly.”

🙂 Sincerely,
Keri & Howard S.

Suzy & Walter October 1, 2012
“My wife and I are absolutely delighted with our new outdoor setting… You truly transformed a patio into a charmed courtyard. The interlocking pavers and garden retaining wall compliment each other with an elegance and charm that we could never imagine. And, your suggestion to place a curve in the retaining wall contributed so much to the over all charm of the landscape. The blocks that were used are stunning.We would, also, like to extend our compliments and appreciation to the workmen who performed with the precision and purpose of a mini army of specialists! They were as follows: Vale, the on site foreman and retaining wall specialist… Ricardo, layer of the pavers… Jose, the stone cutter and remover of heavy roots… Benjamin, {the Hulk} whose brawn was of great assistance to all… Geraldo, the driver… and Fernando, the supervisor, whose keen sense for detail and accommodating nature was extraordinary. Your support personnel, Raquel and Angela also deserve an honorable mention for their patience and courtesy throughout this project.

Thank you, for a gratifying experience and spectacular results. Genesis Stoneworks is indeed a company that takes great pride in its pursuit for excellence.”

Suzy and Walter

Steve July 3, 2012
“John Banuelos from Genesis Stoneworks was far and away the most professional person we met as we accepted bids from various contractors to build our new paver driveway. John really worked hard to help us get exactly what we wanted and still stay within our budget. The job started quickly after signing the contract and the entire crew worked extremely hard to make sure the job was done not just well, but perfectly. The attention to detail was amazing and great care was taken to preserve the landscape, sprinklers and other parts of the property during construction. We were amazed that in less than three days we had a beautiful new driveway all ready to use. The whole project turned out so beautiful that neighbors are stopping in their cars to ask who built the amazing driveway! I highly recommend John and the whole crew at Genesis and we will definitely use them for any future stone work.”

Geoff Beckwith, Grace Baptist Church June 28, 2012
“1st & foremost, thank you for the excellent work you and your crews performed at Grace. So many good comments have been received. The pavers add a great touch. Thank you for the kind generosity of the rest of the pavers. With volunteers, we will install them in our amphitheater which is used for weddings, funerals, baptisms, occasional church services. Thank you again and we wish you well in the future.”

S. Brooks
“Genesis completed the installation of my new driveway this week. I thought you would like to know how exceptionally pleased I am with the results. The crew that did the work was nothing short of amazing. At all times, they were intent on achieving perfection and making sure I was happy with the work. My project was probably more difficult than some because I already had several existing stone walls and planters that had to be worked into the overall look.The work they did was beautifully detailed and far beyond my expectations. Now I have a gorgeous driveway, improved curb appeal and increased property value that more than justify my expenditure. The crew worked extremely hard to deliver a quality product and got the job done much sooner than I ever would have thought possible. (The crew leader) impressed me with his obvious knowledge, skill and experience and, in one instance, he even saved me from making a decision that would have been a huge mistake. My gratitude will be long-lived.

I would also like to say that the Genesis Sales Rep, because of his extensive knowledge of the entire process, was of great help with his suggestions, and he guided me through the right decisions for the best possible results. I very much appreciate how professional, fair, accommodating, honest and patient he was with me in putting the contract together. It was refreshing to have this kind of treatment in comparison to the other contractors I considered.

In short, it was a lucky day for me when I picked up the phone and called Genesis for a quote. I have a most favorable opinion of the way Genesis has dealt with me as a client. I know that I can confidently recommend your company to anyone, and they will receive the same high quality, beautiful work and excellent service that I have. My thanks to all involved.”

J. Karim
“Recently I had my home installed with new pavers and stone walls by Genesis. Initially I had some minor trepidation because of the scale of the job and my unfamiliarity with Genesis. But, I would like to commend the installation team assigned to my job. (The foreman) and his team were extremely accomodating, informative, and professional.We noticed they arrived early and stayed late and ensured that the job was done to my liking. (The foreman) would continually praise Genesis and assure me that I made the right choice. He and his team also listened to my concerns during the layout and worked with me to make a beautiful end result.

I would also like to commend the administrator in the finance department for her excellent support with the paperwork and her availability any time I called. I am very happy with the outcome, and will recommend Genesis to any future or potential customer.”

R. Ankrom
“We love our new Genesis patio and steps!!! We really appreciated your suggestions and timely bid process. Of the four bids we received, we found the Genesis bid competitive and liked your “can do” attitude when discussing the installation. Best of all, Genesis delivered on all of the promises made during the sales presentation.We especially liked working with your installer. He was easy to work with, very professional and a super representative for Genesis. He and his crew worked hard, were very detailed oriented and did everything they could to build a perfect patio for us. In addition, they cleaned up the area every night before leaving the job site. You make a great team. Keep up the good work and feel free to use us as a reference.”

Tony & Diane Puccetti
“Anticipation is better than reality… so the saying goes but not in the case of the quality and product of Genesis Stoneworks. We thought hard and long on having our cracked driveway fixed. We knew we wanted to have “pavers” as they looked beautiful and were guaranteed not to crack. After we made the decision to have this done we contacted several companies who specialized in this product.After we met with (the sales rep), his professionalism and honesty was apparent. We did check out the work Genesis Stoneworks did in our area and in all cases were very pleased and confident we wanted to go with your company. We spoke with your prior clients and they had nothing but praise for the workmanship and finished product. Your suggestions turned out to be exactly what we were looking for and much more.

The team of workers sent out were relentless in their hard work. They would arrive before 7:00 A.M. and often leave after 5:00 P.M. The entire project took about two and one half days. Talk about your curb appeal! We have had several neighbors contact us for the name of your company. Your best advertisement is the end product. We wish to thank Genesis Stoneworks for making us the “Jones” of the neighborhood to keep up with. We are thrilled.”

Robert S.
“The Genesis representative that came to our home did a great job on the design work of the driveway. He was considerate and always on time. Your salesman is the best salesperson I’ve ever worked with. I did not plan on having any work done originally, but he sold me with his professionalism and product knowledge. He even did a follow up call after the job. I gave him several referrals and they have all used him. The crew was also hardworking. They completed the job in record time and cleaned up everything perfectly.”

T & M Bruskotter “We were impressed with the hard work and attention to detail that your foreman and his crew performed on our driveway and yard. It looks stunning! We will not hesitate to let our neighbors know who performed the quality work.” Jackie L. “They selected a great design for my patio and driveway. I recommended them to my neighbors and they had a patio put in too. This is the fourth time I have done work on my driveway. This driveway has expansive soil and does not crack.” Sara B. “The crew was professional and worked really hard. I received top quality work at a great price. I loved the fact that the salesperson was straightforward, fair, and didn’t try to hustle me. The driveway looks amazing.” Robert V. “I referred my sister to Genesis and she had already used them. They did work on our driveway. I was quite pleased with their workmanship and professionalism. I even sent them a letter expressing my satisfaction. ” Jodi Q. “Pretty much everything, the finished job looks beautiful. They showed up on time, and they did a good job. It was a good experience. I thought they did a great job.” Fugi K. “They were very good. They started and finished on time. Everything turned out beautifully. I’m still getting compliments on the great work they did.” Henry T. “They were flexible, without any time constraints. I did not feel rushed. They did interlocking paving stones on my patio and porch. The overall job turned out very well.” Chistine L. “They did the job quickly. They did a walkway from my driveway to the front entrance. It turned out quite nicely.”
Annette F. “They were always on time and they were quite thorough. They tore out the old driveway and put a walkway and patio in the back. They did an incredible job. I will continue to recommend them. The workers were very hardworking and polite.” Joe D. “They did everything. We picked out the slab, but they were responsible in every way. They measured, did the cutting, the installation, and the delivery. They didn’t have any subcontractors work on the job.” Carl R. “The driveway installation, and the labor they had was very good. They put some extra asphalt in my driveway, but it was not what I expected. I was satisfied with the driveway and the brick laying work they did.” Sheila P.Efficient and clean, they simply did the job right. They did paving stones along the walkway that goes around the house. I am thinking of having them do some work on our driveway.” Dee N. “They put paving stones on the patio and in the driveway about a year apart. Both jobs turned out great. I have recommended Genesis Stoneworks to several people.” Donna K. “They made steps going into my house and onto my patio. They also put in a new driveway that looked amazing. I was very happy with the outcome of all of the work performed.” Jeanne B. “I really liked the salesperson that came out. He made great recommendations and followed up on the job.” David K. “They were prompt and they did a good job on the decking. I recommend them to other people because their prices are very reasonable.”