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Genesis has been serving Southern California for three decades.  From outdoor lighting and electrical to EV home charger units and electrical panel replacements, we are here to install and upgrade your home’s electrical to meet your needs.  We also offer new swimming pool control systems and pool light upgrades.  We provide professional, friendly service with exceptional technical expertise.


Electric Vehicle Charging Station


Get ready for your electric vehicle.  Genesis will install the EV charging stations at a convenient location in your home, whether that means running electrical conduit underground or through the wall.  Genesis can handle your entire installation. 

No more trips to the pump with your gas powered vehicle.  Avoid the long lines and wait times at the public EV charging stations.  Sleep soundly knowing that you are no longer dealing with increasing fuel prices while your vehicle charges at home.   Plug your electric vehicle in overnight and utilize the off-peak utility pricing hours.  Save time and money, while effortlessly helping the environment from the convenience of your home.  We not only install your home charger, we also evaluate your panel to make sure it safely meets your charging needs.                                                                                         


As technology progresses, we are adding more smart home devices and electric powered vehicles to our lives that may require the latest electric panel upgrades.  Your panel is the important component that keeps your electrical systems and appliances running.  Upgrading your panel not only increases safety but it also provides the flexibility to increase electrical capacity for future installations and renovations.

A new panel will protect the electrical system in your home, preventing arc flashes and possible electrical fires due to overcrowded breaker box or dual-tapped breakers.  An upgraded panel will allow for the addition of ground fault and arc fault circuit interrupters to stop electrical faults and prevent electric shock and fires.  It will also solve problems caused by fuses blowing, circuit breakers tripping, power fluctuations, and outages.

Upgrading your panel will aid in energy efficiency by allowing room for new energy efficient technologies such as smart meters and time-of-use controls.  Smart meters lets you to monitor each circuit individually to detect wasteful energy usage, thus allowing for adjustments to be made for energy savings.

An upgraded panel will allow for increased amperage, increasing the panel size and adding more circuits.  These upgrades are needed as we add solar panels, smart appliances, heat pumps and EV chargers to our ever evolving lifestyles.  A new panel will increase the capacity of your electrical system to better handle the demands of modern appliances.  Upgrade your panel to increase your electrical capacity and ensure safety.  Contact us for your free estimate.



Improve your curb appeal and maximize your outdoor space with landscape lighting.  You’ve improved your homes’ exterior and the finishing touch is the perfect outdoor lighting plan.  Highlight your new driveway and guide guests on your entryway path with the welcoming glow of outdoor lights.  Create the perfect ambiance with a beautiful lighting aesthetic for outdoor entertaining.  

The right lighting plan will not only enhance the beauty of your exteriors, it also ensures safety.  Landscape lighting illuminates the path to make it safe to traverse your yard at night.  Well lit paths and home entry points will deter unwelcomed intruders.  Flood lights, path lights, and downlights will eliminate dark areas and potential hiding spots.  Lights will also prevent unwanted wildlife from entering your property at night.   

Low-voltage lighting is also energy efficient and cost-saving.  Outdoor lighting is an affordable, proven way of increasing your home security while increasing the property value.  Contact us now to learn more.  


Your pool is the center of your backyard oasis.  Take the hard work out of managing your pool functions and keep it effortless with a new remote pool control system upgrade.  New automated pool controls systems are now easily managed from an app on your phone.  Enjoy the convenience of turning on your spa at work and having it ready to use when you arrive home.  Control the spa temperature remotely for peak relaxation.  When finished using the spa, return to pool mode and all the hot water in the spa mixes with pool water keeping the chemicals balanced in the spa and pool.

Synchronize the multicolored lights in the pool and spa to emit preset color combinations you selected.  Take your pool and spa from the appearance of a resort at your own home with soothing lighting or transition to colors for a party-ready appearance.  Lights can be set on time schedules or simply turned off from your phone.  The automated control systems provide the flexibility to adjust pool management to your lifestyle.

Pool control automation saves you the time it takes to activate your various pool features manually.  If you forgot to turn off a feature, you can do it remotely from your phone.  Set timers to control your pool features on schedules to help with pool maintenance.  Monitor pH and chlorine levels remotely for safe swimming.  Not only does an automated system provide peace of mind, it can also improve energy efficiency by controlling pump usage and spa temperature.  An automated system will provide all of these benefits and increase the value of your home.  Ready to upgrade?  Contact us today.