Interlocking concrete paving stones express style and elegance, unlike any other paving surface. Pavers have an unsurpassed quality of endurance that is designed to last a lifetime. Choose from an array of colors and patterns to accentuate the unique style of your home. Our seasoned designers will fine-tune colors and patterns that will delight your family and guests.  From contemporary and utilitarian units with clean, modular lines and smooth tops to irregular, natural-looking shapes with textured finishes, pavers are available in a vast variety of styles to complement every home.  Genesis Stoneworks has been a trusted installer for Southern California’s major paver manufacturers for over 3 decades.  We have partnered with Angelus Pavers, Orco Pavers, Belgard, and Ackerstone to provide our customers with the highest quality and best availability of concrete paver products.



Genesis Stoneworks Patio Paver & Pilaster Installation 1


Genesis Stoneworks Commercial Permeable Paving Stone Patio & Walkway Urge Common House


Genesis Stoneworks Walkway Paving Stone Install



Beauty,  Strength, and Versatility with Paving Stones

Pavers are the right choice for long-term curb appeal with their compressed strength and durability.  Interlocking pavers not only offer a wider range of customization than concrete or asphalt, but they also allow for expansion and contraction without cracking or chipping.  Interlocking pavers are similar in cost to stamped concrete, however, real estate professionals agree that pavers provide the largest return on your investment, not only in resale value but in unequaled durability and daily enjoyment.

An added benefit of pavers is their versatility when it comes to repairs.   With a traditional concrete driveway or patio, there is no access to repair water, gas, or electrical lines if repairs or upgrades are ever needed.  Pavers can be pulled up in order for repairs to be done and reinstalled once they are completed.  If oil is spilled on your pavers, the stained stones can be replaced, whereas with concrete you would be stuck with a permanent unsightly stain.

The emergence of permeable pavers has also brought a level of sustainability and environmental consciousness to the market.  Permeable pavers allow for rainwater to filter through the aggregate, leaving toxins behind before re-entering the groundwater system.  From their multitude of colors, and shapes, their strength and durability, and their sustainability to their added value in terms of beauty and curb appeal, pavers are the right choice to enhance your home.