Your Garden Wall, Retaining Wall, & Fence Wall Contractors

Since the beginning, people have built walls for protection, separation, retention, or simply aesthetics.  Genesis Stonework’s craftsmen have perfected the art of building walls through years of experience.  From decorative garden walls and pilasters to protective property fence walls or structural retaining walls, we have the expertise to accommodate your hardscape needs.

Garden walls will provide delineation for your planters and protect the softscape contained therein.  Garden walls can also be used to provide seating for you to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Retaining walls will retain soil to provide you with additional usable outdoor living space.  Structural retaining walls can retain soil from hillsides above your property or provide stability to your patio space above a downhill slope.  Retaining walls can also be built in tiered wall sections to meet the soil retention needs.  

Fence walls provide added security and privacy for your space.  Privacy fence walls are generally 5-6 feet tall, enclosing your property from prying eyes and allowing protection from intruders.

Manufactured wall stone allows for a variety of product styles and colors to best meet your needs and provide harmony with your surrounding environment.  Genesis Stoneworks is your local yard contractor.  Call us today to get your free estimate and improve your outdoor space with the installation of a new garden, retaining, or fence wall.

*Retaining wall installation is not available in all service areas.