Whether you are walking up to your front door or out to your backyard. The feeling of home is there and every step you take within your homey comfort zone should be just that, a good comfortable feeling. From the fresh air, you inhale to the foundation beneath your feet. Regardless of its size, your outdoor space only maximizes your homes curb appeal and value. Hence, there are several options that can highlight the style and character of your home and make sure your guests receive a warm welcome.

Your extended welcome mat begins with your front walkway. Typically, homeowners choose between concrete or pavers when it comes to their homes hardscape. Although you may have a great design idea, what’s right for your home can depend on many factors such as community layout, climate, architectural style, and color, as well as your overall budget and maintenance costs.

You will have plenty of materials to choose from concrete, natural stone, pavers and so on. Pavers, with their myriad color and style options and their durability, are the most logical investment for your home. You’ll see that with time they are definitely worth the expense, which is substantially less than the cost of natural stone. Pavers are up to three times more resistant than concrete. If a paver cracks, stains, or breaks, the damaged pavers can be lifted out and replaced. With concrete, the entire section would need to be completely demolished in order to replace. No matter the material you choose to design your extended welcome mat, a professional installer and maintenance are key to ensuring a beautiful design and peace of mind.