A sealer is a substance that is applied over the surface as a base coat to seal, protect, and varnish. When it comes to paver sealer there are multiple styles to choose from. Such as a simplified natural look, a wet look, or color enhancing, matte, glossy, semi-glossy and so forth. With such numerous options, a good rule of thumb would be to begin by answering these 3 simple questions.

Why do new pavers need sealer?

Sealers not only stabilizes the joints between pavers but protects them from harsh weather and water-soluble substances. Sealer makes it significantly easier to maintain and keep pavers clean, prevent fading and enhance the overall color of your paving stones.

How often should pavers be sealed?

The lifespan of paver sealant is dependent on numerous factors while ranging from one to five years. Different sealers require more maintenance then others, for example, gloss sealers can fade quicker and keeping them clean can increased longevity for your paver sealer. Maintaining your pavers sealed and clean will keep your pavers for a lifetime.

Is it worth the investment?

You’ve already invested in beautiful pavers, why wouldn’t you want to protect that investment? It would be the same as not adding a protective screen to your new mobile device, plausible but risky. Keep in mind, pavers need protection from everyday climate exposure and even driveway traffic. Proper maintenance provides increased longevity for your paver sealer and a paver sealer will keep your investment looking newer for longer.